How does it work?

Once you purchase a supplier integration, you will be able to access and manage that integration on our Seller Automator. 

Your next step would be to Configure your supplier, which is filling out a short form that asks for your suppliers name, website, your preferences etc.

Your preferences will be a list of multiple choice questions that include things like:

1. Does your supplier charge any dropship/handling fees?

2. The handling time in days it takes your supplier to ship?

3. If you want us to enhance your product titles and descriptions if your supplier provides short/bad titles.

4. What product conditions you want to allow if your supplier sells products other than Brand New

5. Your suppliers ship from zip code

6. If you want to allow/block USPS, truck freight, expensive items, cheap items, extra large items, non returnable items etc.

7. How your supplier charges for shipping (free, calculated, flat rate, etc)

Once you fill out the setup questions we will begin the custom programming for your integration and then make sure everything is working correctly. Once we are finished you will be able to access and manage your suppliers  directly from the available tools on The Seller Helper.

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