What makes you different than other similar services?

The Seller Helper offers custom supplier integrations that are not only cheaper than the competition, but also better in many way.

1. You can connect any supplier, not just ones off some list. Your supplier does not need to be setup for automation for this to work.

2. Every integration is custom programmed so that if you receive discounted pricing it is applied and/or if you have access to products that not everyone at your supplier does you will be able to access them in our system.

3. Your inventory will be updated every hour of every day.

4. You can process unlimited orders via our system

5. New orders are placed with your supplier every 10 minutes if you enable full order automation.

6. We automate pricing, ASIN matching, eBay category matching and more so that you can submit your products in bulk.

7. We provide a wide range of features and preference settings so that you can manage your supplier(s) exactly as you want.

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