How does the Seller Automator work and what does it do?

The Seller Helper built the Seller Automator to help our members start/run their online business with ease. The main functions are tool focuses on is integration across multiple sales channels, listing products to your sales channel, automated pricing, inventory control and order management.

Multi Channel Support
Currently we support eBay, Amazon and Shopify, which we made it easy to connect to. We do have future plans to support more channels. Read below for the benefits of being connected to any of our supported channels.

Listing Products
We made it easy to one click add any of the products from our massive catalog to your sales channel(s), or you can add products individually or in bulk. Our tool has several filters to help you find the products that you want saving you countless hours in creating listings.

Inventory Management
Every hour day/night our tool will list new products you have selected, remove out of stock items, and update product details that have changed such as qty, pricing etc. Our tool makes sure you are not selling products that are not in stock or taking losses on products because the the price changed.

Order Management
Every 10 minutes are tool will check to see if you have any new orders on your connected sales channel(s). If you have automated orders enabled on the tool the system will automatically place the orders removing the possibility of the product(s) running out of stock waiting on you to manually place the order(s).

If you do not have automated ordering enabled you will be alerted on your account dashboard whenever you have a new order. You will then be able to one click approve or deny the order which saves you from having to search for the product(s) sold, entering the shipping address and going through checkout.

Automated Tracking
As soon as your order ships our tool will upload tracking to your sales channel so that your customers are alerted quickly with their shipment info. This ensure you stay in compliance with the marketplaces and keeps your customers happy.

Connecting your sales channel: 0:36
Overview of all the tabs: 1:01
How to set preferences: 1:50
How to send products to sales channel: 4:20
How to monitor/end active products: 6:44
View failed products and reasons for failure: 7:50
How to add products to block list: 8:03
How to place orders: 9:43
How to view tracking or request return: 11:50

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