Selling on Amazon with the Seller Automator

The Seller Automator is great for selling on Amazon and will help keep you out of trouble. While our resellers have great success using the tool there are some things to know before getting started.

1. We only ship to the United States (lower 48 states), and we provide free shipping on all our products. This means you will want to adjust your shipping settings on your Seller Central account with Amazon to Offer free standard shipping to the lower 48 states only. 

Your shipping settings can be found by clicking the Settings wheel in the top right of the screen on your Seller Central dashboard of your Amazon account.

2. If you list thousands of products, then from time to time you may get a message from Amazon about a pricing error. This is because the item you are selling is either priced too high or too low based on Amazon Standards.

Generally Anything 6x the last selling price of a product is considered too high, and it is similar on the low end as well. You do not need to do anything as Amazon will deactivate the product. These are not harmful to your account health.

3. For those of you that use 3rd party repricing tools, we add a min and max price to all your products going to Amazon. You will have a setting on our Seller Automator to adjust where your minimum is. 

Your max price is automatically set to 2x your actual selling price. If the repricing tool you are using goes outside of your min and max range, the listing will automatically be deactivated.

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